New Build Architect

Are you ready to turn your dream home into a reality? You need a skilled and imaginative new build architect to make the most of your blank canvas. PMR can provide a full architectural service, from refining your initial ideas to managing contractors on site.

B&W photo of pen on trace paper sketch design drawings

Your dream home: taking the next step  

Whether you are leveling and replacing an existing building or starting with a fresh plot of land, working with a clean slate is exciting. Bringing in a talented new build architect is the best way to make the most of this rare opportunity.

PMR provide a full architectural service, so we can stay with you for the whole journey from concept to completion. 

A new build architect will first look at the feasibility of your concept, finding the best way to realise your aims while taking into account site, budget and planning constraints. They can then get started on creating and refining your initial drawings.

If you encounter obstacles, don’t worry. Our creative architects are usually able to find a way around them, thinking out of the box where needed.

Smoothing the path through planning and building regs

Once you are satisfied with the design of your new build, we can provide some initial hand or CGI drawings to submit for planning. Where planning permission isn’t needed, we can move straight on to detailed drawings suitable for Building Regs and Structural Engineer information. These drawings can also be used by contractors for providing accurate quotations ahead of the build stage.

Where specialist consultation services are required (planning, ecological, heritage, etc.) we have a network of professionals we can draw upon for high quality advice.

Sourcing, monitoring and managing contractors

Your new build architect can also create a written specification document suitable for sending out to tender. They can also review contractor responses and advise you on the best hire for your unique project. Throughout the build, your architect will monitor progress, carry out monthly valuations and keep you fully updated every step of the way. To speak to a new build architect about your upcoming project, please contact our friendly team today.